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The person I am writing about took some odd decisions; can you help me work out the reasons?

If the subject of a biography is dead, clearly that person cannot be given a psychometric test to assess what their motivations could have been. Here handwriting analysis can help.


What were these ancestors like?

By examining old letters, personalities of people long dead can be outlined.A need for variety in the handwriting may explain why a person emigrated.Commitment and intelligence may explain the reason for success from a difficult start.Troubling characteristics may be the reason for a marriage breakdown.

Sometimes only signatures on a marriage certificate are available.Yet a significant amount of information can be obtained from the handwriting of two people facing the future on their wedding day.

Who is likely to be the leader in the partnership?

Do both partners show a similar happiness about getting married?

Personality profiles and career guidance

I have been told that I could make this career change, but will it work out?

Clients sometimes worry that wishful thinking or parental pressure has skewed the results of their psychological self answering tests and they want a second opinion.

Handwriting analysis can give guidance on individual strengths, needs and abilities, as well as giving guidance on areas of activity to avoid.

Compatibility and partnerships

Will we get on? Can we work together?

  • A person may appear highly sociable yet their writing shows a need to escape and be alone on a regular basis.
  • A person may appear generous yet their handwriting shows thriftiness.
  • A person may appear dynamic yet their handwriting shows depression and procrastination.
  • A person may appear calm yet the writing shows restlessness and the potential for explosions of temper.
  • A person may appear to have a friendly and open nature yet their writing shows deceitfulness.

Handwriting reports obviously should not be used as the only evidence to start or end a relationship, but they can help potential partners to be forewarned of possible issues and risks.


Can you help explain why my child is having trouble at school?

In this age of technology scientists are increasingly aware of the importance of handwriting for brain development (‘typing is like hitting a triangle while handwriting is like playing a violin'). An analysis of the writing of a school child, when a wide range of samples are available, can pinpoint issues relating to inhibition, defensiveness, integrity, aggression, moodiness and restlessness so that ways of coping with these issues can be developed.

The death of handwriting? Schools are ditching pens and papers for computers - but could it harm your child's development? Read more in the article link below.

The death of handwriting?

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