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Friday 15th of September 2017

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Forensic Handwriting Examination

Forensic handwriting analysis is about comparing questioned writing with known writing; it is not about the assessment of personality. (Reports from Adam Brand Graphology are CPR Part 35 compliant.) 

My client maintains that the signature on her mother’s will is a forgery; can you give an opinion?

When a handwriting analyst compares documents to give an answer to that question, two aspects are examined. The first aspect relates to "class" characteristics; the second aspect relates to "individual" characteristics.

"Class" characteristics are those handwriting movements that can be found in groups of the general population. For example, a group of architects may write capitals in a similar way; a group of teachers may write in a similar copybook fashion; and members of the same family may use a similar style.

"Individual" characteristics relate, however, to highly personal or peculiar handwriting movements that are unlikely to occur in combination in more than one person’s handwriting. A person’s handwriting is as unique as their fingerprints.

Intensive eye training enables the handwriting analyst to spot unique graphic idioms in an authentic signature or known writing sample and then assess whether the questioned writing has been forged or disguised.

If your opinion is that the signature is probably a forgery, can you tell who the forger is?

The answer to this question is "no". The reason is that with forgery there are two activities taking place.

 Firstly, the forger makes every effort to avoid using his own style; secondly, the forger makes every effort to create the style of another person’s writing. A forensic document analysis can state that a signature has probably been forged but the evidence is usually too weak for the handwriting analyst to confirm the name of the forger.

Client comments:

I am very impressed with the speed with which you have carried out the report and the detailed analysis contained therein.

Martin Shepherd Solicitors LLP

Thank you for all your assistance with the hand writing report, the judge dismissed the case, we are very relieved!

Ross and Joanne Jackman.

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