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Friday 15th of September 2017

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Handwriting Analysis For Business

Pre-interview employee selection

All candidates seem equally well qualified; whom should I invite for interview?

Once a company has decided on a job specification and a person specification (and made it clear to candidates that handwriting analysis will be used) handwriting reports can focus on specific criteria.

For example, companies may want to know about integrity, dynamism, and team working capabilities. Other companies may want to be made aware of any ‘red flags’ (temper; dishonesty; exhibitionism), issues that could be missed during standard selection procedures.

Handwriting analysis reports can reduce the risks in recruitment by helping an interviewer decide where to probe, e.g. potential loyalty and commitment, initiative, attitudes to supervision, willingness to travel.

Corporate events, exhibitions, talks and team building

How can we make our event come alive when many guests do not know each other?

Handwriting analysis can create an atmosphere of fun and generate discussion between strangers.

How can we attract more people to our stand?

Handwriting analysis can attract people because it is intriguing. Company representatives can then speak to those in the handwriting queue to assess interest in the products/services on offer.

Who can we get to speak at our next function?

Handwriting analysis is an unusual subject and audiences enjoy learning what it is and how it is done.

How can we bring a new approach to team building?

Graphology enables team members to understand the point of view of colleagues and this helps communication.

Graffiti, poison pen and anonymous letters

We have had a spate of graffiti and poison pen letter problems; can you help stop it?

Handwriting analysis can compare the authenticated writing of employees with poison pen letters or graffiti to determine who is causing the damage.

There are occasions, however, when exemplars are unavailable for comparison. Then it may be possible to describe the personality of the writer from the graffiti or anonymous letters to help in apprehending the culprit.


We are thinking of changing our logo; what could the new one mean?

Companies who want to use script as a logo or in advertisements are aware that people have a subconscious understanding of the symbolism in writing (e.g. rising lines mean optimism; falling lines mean tiredness, etc.). A graphology report can explain the symbolic meaning of logos and handwriting used in advertisements.  

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