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Handwriting Analysis For Business

Handwriting analysis can give information about a candidate's temperament, social behaviour, thinking style and working qualities.  Adam Brand is a handwriting analyst who writes reports covering all these aspects or can give summaries on specific areas of interest to the company. 

Using a handwriting analyst for pre-interview screening

Once a company has decided on a job specification and a person specification (and made it clear to candidates that handwriting analysis will be used) a handwriting analyst can assist in short listing candidates for interview. 

Companies may want to know: whether a candidate is optimistic and ambitious or anxious and wary; whether they are better at working on their own or in teams.  Other companies may want to know about "red flags" (e.g. conflict issues such as temper; unwillingness to accept supervision; dishonesty; exhibitionism; addictions) which are difficult to discover during standard selection procedures.

A handwriting analyst can reduce the risks involved in recruiting by helping interviewers pinpoint aspects that need to be explored such as energy, initiative, adaptability, loyalty, self reliance, enthusiasm, planning and tolerance to stress.   

Handwriting analysis is not a self-report test where questions may be answered according to what a person thinks a company wants to hear; it is a "difficult - to - manipulate" projective test as the candidate does not know what to expect.   Furthermore, handwriting analysis is not biased in terms of age, gender or race.  

Post Interview Analysis

A handwriting analyst does not require the candidate to be present.   Management can use handwriting analysis to check on personality issues that may not have been fully covered at the interviews or may not have been fully covered by references from previous employers.  Handwriting analysis is never a sole determining factor in a recruitment decision, but a report by a graphologist can add an extra dimension to the hiring process. 

Handwriting Analysis and Team building 

Handwriting analysis can help a team building event come alive and improve morale.  From only a few words and a signature graphology generates an enormous amount of information concerning personality. 

A handwriting analyst can give team members an insight into how they might react under stress, the extent to which they are prepared to take risks and their negotiating style. 

Using a handwriting analyst to assess a potential business partner 

When deciding to go into business with someone, it is important to know whether or not your personalities are compatible.  The person you are considering may be somebody you have just met or may be someone you have known for years as a friend.  Moving from a social situation to a business situation can lead to surprises.  In some cases business partners with different personalities can be a great mix; it allows them to see situations differently. 

But at other times the stress of a new business start-up can bring out a side of a person's character which is totally unexpected.  If you and your potential partner send samples of writing to Adam Brand, his handwriting analysis report will outline the strengths and weaknesses of a possible relationship.  Starting a business requires vision and passion.  Finding the right person to work on that vision is critical to success and it is here that a handwriting expert can help.  

Handwriting Expert at Events

A handwriting expert can attract visitors to an exhibition stand as many are intrigued by graphology and forensic handwriting examination.  At events Adam Brand shows exactly how handwriting conclusions are drawn and this can act as an ice breaker. 

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